About the City

City HallCarved out of the Western Reserve territory, Beachwood Village began as part of Warrensville Township. It remained a village until 1960.

Today it is a municipal crown jewel in Northern Ohio. Comprehensive municipal planning has allowed for concentrated development of specific commercial areas that drive development and economic expansion. Though small in area (covering 5.2 square miles), its population today is approximately 12,000 residents.

With three exits along I-271, Beachwood is known for its accessibility, bringing a workforce to the city’s 2,500+ businesses. Beachwood is home to outstanding shopping, restaurants, parks and more! More than 100,000 people come through Beachwood each day to work, shop, visit their doctors, dine in one of the many restaurants or stay in one of more than 2,100 hotel rooms.

In 2005 Cleveland Magazine named Beachwood the Best Suburb in Northeastern Ohio. It is constantly recognized as an outstanding place to live, work and visit.